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Functional foods for the prevention and maintenance of well-being. All nutraceutical products play very important roles for our body, because they act positively in a natural way, leading to unexpected results.
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  1. 5-Hydroxytryptophan
    Useful against insomnia and depression.
  2. Aescin
    Improves blood circulation and microcirculation status
  3. Agnuside
    Useful to counter premenstrual syndrome and gynaecological disorders.
  4. Anthocyanins
    Antioxidant properties able to protect cells from oxidative stress.
  5. Antioxidants
    Useful for fighting free radicals and cardiovascular and neurological diseases.
  6. Asiaticoside
    Famous for its anti-hyaluronidase properties
  7. B Complex Vitamins Out of Stock
    B Complex Vitamins
    B Vitamins are essential for the harmonious development of all structures of the body.
  8. Beta-Carotene
    Antioxidant properties, counteracts the onset of free radicals
  9. Biotin
    Helps transform macronutrients into energy
  10. Bromelain

    Useful to treat injuries and avoid the formation of oedema.

  11. Caffeine
    Useful to promote diuresis and increase basal metabolism
  12. Calcium
    Essential for the well-being of bones and teeth, useful for the nervous system.
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Items 1-12 of 79

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