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Vitamin K

Essential for healthy blood clotting
Vitamin K is essential for healthy blood clotting and facilitates the absorption of calcium, thereby promoting bone development and combatting osteoporosis. It therefore contributes to cardiac health and helps reduce the risk of arterial calcification. It also has positive effects on brain and nervous system, and supports the processes necessary for memory and learning. It also regulates blood sugar levels, thereby combatting diabetes and other similar diseases.
Vitamin K refers to several fat-soluble compounds that act in the intestine. They all have the same biological mechanism as the "Koagulationsvitamin", a compound discovered in the 1920s. The group of compounds collectively known as Vitamin K is composed of three main types: K1 (Phylloquinone), of vegetable origin; K2 (Menaquinone), of bacterial origin; and K3 (Menadione), of synthetic origin. Foods rich in Vitamin K include green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, Savoy cabbage, and spinach, along with legumes, green tea and soya. It is also found in eggs, as well as beef or pork liver.
Vitamin K