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Cocoa, Orange and Cinnamon Superfood Herbal Tea

Let yourself be won over by the intense and embracing taste of Cocoa together with the intriguing flavours of Orange and Cinnamon: a pampering of pleasure and well-being suitable for every moment of the day.

Size: 18 sachets

Principi attivi: LiquoriceOrangeCinnamonCocoa
Cocoa, Orange and Cinnamon Superfood Herbal Tea
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Dettagli prodotto
Blackberry, Turmeric and Cinnamon Superfood Herbal Tea

Take a break, enjoy this L'Angelica Superfood Herbal Tea and discover the taste and pleasure of wellness.
COCOA, with its rich and unmistakable aromatic note, regulates mood and supports metabolism. ORANGE with an embracing citrus flavour and CINAMMON with spicy notes facilitate digestion, giving the herbal tea a delicious balance of harmony and taste.
Herbal teas, together with a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet, are the ideal remedy to take care of yourself.
Cacao (Theobroma cacao L. - seme), Cannella (Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume / cassia J. Presl - corteccia), Aromi naturali, Liquirizia (Glycyrrhiza glabra L. - radice), Cicoria (Cichorium intybus L. - radice), Arancia scorze (Citrus sinensis L. var. dulcis - frutto).
Valori nutrizionali
Per 100 ml of herbal tea (The herbal tea has been prepared with 1 sachet in 200 ml of water): Energy 1.77 kJ / 0.42 kcal, Fats 0g of which saturated fat 0 g, Carbohydrates 0.10 g of which sugars 0.01 g, Fibres 0 g, Proteins 0 g, Salt 0 g.
Modalità d'uso

To brew an excellent herbal tea, use one teabag per cup (200 ml) and add boiling water without pouring it directly onto the teabag. Leave to steep for 5 minutes and then sweeten to taste. Leave the teabag in for up to 7 minutes for a more intense flavour. We recommend 2-3 teabags of infusion a day, at any time. Try leaving it to cool - it does not lose its beneficial properties if enjoyed cold.