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Natural Ingredients


Useful against asthma, colds and headaches, it is a natural remedy for tired skin and oily hair
Main activities: expectorant and mucolytic; antitussive and antispasmodic action; digestive and choleretic.
Widespread plant in the Mediterranean, is widely used in the kitchen, both for its flavouring properties, is known for its favourable action on the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract level: the plant has always been used for its antiseptic, balsamic, expectorant properties, and mucolytic in respiratory disorders.
There is also an antitussive and antispasmodic action thus helping in case of bronchospasm in asthmatic bronchitis in coughing and generally in catarrhal forms.
At the digestive level the plant is used to improve the digestive processes thanks to its carminative and aperitive activities.
It also promotes bile secretion.
Important proves the leverage from the plant on the body's detoxifying functions: promotes perspiration and urination.
It is also effective as a sedative in rheumatic pains.
It is an excellent scalp tonic: stop or prevent hair loss, strengthens them and their active growth (revulsive action).
And also a good toothpaste as fortifies the gums (periodontal disease), prevents tooth decay and perfumes the breath.
The essential oil should be used with caution because it can cause irritation and depressive effects on the CNS.

I nutraceutici

- 0.5-2.5% essential oil consisting mainly of thymol (30-70%), carvacrol (3-15%), with bactericidal and fungicidal action, p-cimolo and terpinene, terpene hydrocarbons and sesquiterpene etc.
* The essential oil composition can vary widely depending on the origin of the ingredient and the time of harvest
- 3.5-7.5% tannin
The pulverised dried thyme can be put inside the shoes to eliminate the smell of sweat.
In the Middle Ages a small branch was placed under the pillow to facilitate sleep.
Respiratory disease (symptomatic treatment of cough); Symptomatic treatment of digestive disorders.
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