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Natural Ingredients

Polygonum Cuspidate

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action and vasorelaxing

The Polygonum cuspidatum is one of the main natural sources of resveratrol, an antioxidant that has most of its properties.

The action of the plant complex is found especiallyin the circulatory system thanks to the vasodilator effect that makes it effective in cases of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and high cholesterol cases.

I nutraceutici

  • Resveratrol
  • emodin
  • polydatin
Thanks to the presence of Emodin the Polygon cuspidato is useful to regularize the intestinal transi
The Polygonum cuspidatum is a perennial plant belonging to the Pilygonaceae family, native to Asia, now also spread to Europe. It 'a plant in China has always been used as a laxative and in general by also Asian peoples as a nutrient.
The Polygonum cuspidatum was recently the subject of new studies of the significant presence within it of resveratrol, an important antioxidant for the prevention of various diseases related to the aging process.
Polygonum Cuspidate
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