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Natural Ingredients


A stimulating tonic with diuretic properties
The leaves of Maté are widely used in South America (Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina) in the preparation of infusions, commonly eaten for stimulating tonic action due to the presence of caffeine. In Spanish-speaking countries it is called yerba mate. The name is taken from the Guarani language in which mati indicates thesmall pumpkins in which is prepared infusion. Tea was also called the Jesuits as the Ilex paraguariensis was cultivated in South America by the Jesuits. It can be said that always the Guarany Indians used the leaves of this plant to prepare an infusion to drink, and they taught it to the Spanish and Portuguese. The European settlers found already in use the actual storage and preparation methods: the first treatment to which it is subjected is a certain degree of roasting, as is the case for coffee and tea, and this is to optimize the conservation is to cause the development of aromatic substances. Yerba mate is a tree that resembles the laurel demeanor. Up to 8-10 meters in height. To harvest the young leaves are selected in the period of maturity of the fruits. Main act of the coffee and tea to cause insomnia, stimulates brain activity, is a tonic and stomachic and in large quantities becomes purgative. Scrolling the literature is highlighted, in fact, that the consummation of the infusion does not involve insomnia and gives a resistance to the muscles to greater fatigue capacity than that of caffeine. The Maté preparations are also diuretic. It is not to overlook the presence of vitamin C and thiamine that make a drink not only nervina. For these characteristics its use is useful in the functional asthenia; interesting is the use in the treatment of overweight for both the diuretic activity, lipolytic, that as a brake for the appetite.

I nutraceutici

  • About 1.20% caffeine:
  • The caffeine content is higher in young leaves (2%).
  • Its concentration decreases during storage
  • Theobromine (0.19%)
  • Minimum amount of theophylline
  • From 4-6% tannins
  • Vitamins: in particular C, Bl, B2

With the mate you lose weight because:

  • It makes you burn more calories
  • It des
In Paraguay they consume TERERÉ, a hot or cold infuse of the fresh leaves of tea tree. It is diffused the "tool" consisting of a tank of water, a glass of steel with perforated straw carried around like a handbag and is courtesy to offer it to people met on the path. It is the favourite drink of Pope Bergoglio.
Stimulates brain activity, it is a tonic and stomachic and in large quantities becomes purgative. It is used in slimming diets for its positive action on the metabolism
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