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Natural Ingredients


Lavender flowers have mild sedative properties useful for headaches, migraines.
Lavender flowers, which are usually used in association with other plants sharing some therapeutic characteristics, have been shown to have a mild antiseptic and antineuralgic action. While lacking pharmacological studies on the plant as a whole, several studies have been carried out regarding the essential oil. Lavender flowers have mild sedative properties useful for headaches, migraines. Traditionally they were actually used in the symptomatic treatment of neurotonic conditions in adults and children, particularly in minor sleep disorders. It appears that the flowers' scent or essence encourages sleep. For external use the preparations with lavender flowers are used to cleanse wounds and locally as an analgesic in oropharynx diseases, as well as mouthwashes in oral hygiene. Alcoholate of lavender is rubbed on to tackle neuralgic and rheumatic pains as well as against itching. In addition, lavender essence is widely used in cosmetology and in perfumery. A wide study evaluated the efficacy of lavender oil added to bath water in the treatment of perineal disorders soon after delivery: whereas for symptom relief, a significant difference from the placebo was seen, pain disappeared a few days earlier than the placebo. The essential oil has a reduced antimicrobial valence which is counter-balanced by interesting anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties: it is well tolerated by skin and mucous membranes.

I nutraceutici

  • Essential oil (1-3%): linalool (25-38%), linalyl acetate (25-45%), limonene (0.1-0.5%), cineol (0.3-1.5%), camphor (0.2-0.5%), a-terpineol (0.3-1%), P-oci-meni
  • Tannins (12%), ursolic acid, flavonoids, bitter substances.
With its intense flavour and attractive colour it is used in a variety of dishes... all you need is
Even today in France it is common to place sprigs of lavender on windowsills to ward off... scorpions
Neurotonic conditions in adults and children, promotes sleep. The essential oil is antiseptic.
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