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Natural Ingredients


With diaphoretic, diuretic and choleretic properties
The leaves are commonly used as a "blood and skin cleanser". They actually have diaphoretic, diuretic and choleretic properties. Due to the concentration of tannins they are used in gastroenteritis and intestinal inflammation and topically in oropharyngeal inflammation and rashes and skin inflammation. Like with blackberry leaves, those of raspberry also are reported to have hypoglycaemic actions. Raspberry leaves also have an interesting particularly effective antispasmodic action in cases of dysmenorrhoea, facilitate childbirth, and in spasms of the digestive tract. Its preparations are used during pregnancy in the treatment of nausea and vomiting. But it is especially the gemmoderivative with its antispasmodic action on a uterine level, due to the presence of a set of muscle relaxant substances, which justify their use in dysmenorrhoea. The fruit is particularly rich in vitamin C. There are 34 calories per 100g. Rich in citric and malic acid, there is also a small percentage of oxalic acid (15% mg).

I nutraceutici

  • Tannins (10%): hydrolysed tannins of gallic acid and ellagic acid
  • Flavonoids, vitamin C
  • Organic acids: oxalic acid, citric, malic, succinic... 
Raspberries are good for dry skin, restoring firmness to the tissues and are effective at helping to
Raspberry, in the past, was recommended to pregnant women because it was thought consumption of this fruit prevented the risk of miscarriage. The Cimbri used to hang raspberry branches on doors and windows to ward off adversity, and even when they had a dead person in the house, to prevent the spirit of the deceased from coming back in the house.
Useful in cases of diarrhoea, and the macerate glycerine, or gemmoderivatives, obtained from the buds, acts on the female hormone apparatus. Its intake is therefore indicated for premenstrual syndrome with breast tenderness, anxiety, nervousness, fluid retention, acne. The antispasmodic and decongestant properties finds good use in cases of painful menstruation.
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