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Organic Chamomile Infusion

Infusion with certified and sieved organic chamomile, with relaxing properties that make it ideal for a good night's sleep.

Before going to sleep, enjoy a break in total relaxation and savour the natural scent of chamomile, with its well-known calming properties, sweetening to taste after a 5-minuteinfusion

Size: 20 sachets

Principi attivi: FlavonoidsCoumarinChamomile
Organic Chamomile Infusion
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Sifted Chamomile 100% from organic farming.

The Chamomile of the L’Angelica Herbal Institute, obtained with organic farming methods, was born from the desire to create a line of products that are natural and genuine but also pleasant and tasty.

This is why the L'Angelica Herbal Institute has chosen to work with growers who have preferred organic farming, excluding the use of synthetic chemicals, and have carefully researched and selected the best quality chamomile flowers.

This product is guaranteed by Q.C.&I., a body authorized to control and certify organic production.
The organic chamomile infusion, with relaxing properties, is ideal to promote a good sleep and relaxation before going to sleep.

Also suitable for young children in moderate quantities

Organic Chamomile Infusion contains 20 sachets 20 g

Controlled by Q.

C. &. I. Inspection body authorised by DM MIRAAF No 9697168 of 18/12/96 pursuant to Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 EN QCI 06429T 00000006.


100% Organic Sifted Chamomile.

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