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In therapy it is widely used as an appetite stimulant, in dyspeptic forms, and achilia.
Gentian is used almost exclusively as a bitter tonic, so is used in the formulation of numerous aperitifs and eupeptic preparations. In therapy it is widely used as an appetite stimulant, in dyspeptic forms, and achilia. Its bitter principles through the stimulation of taste receptors cause an increase, by reflex, of saliva and gastric secretion, thus helping to stimulate appetite and improve digestion. Gentian based preparations should be given half an hour before meals and sipped slowly, so as to allow to develop the reflex action through the stimulation of taste receptors. Therefore pill or powder forms, etc. should not be administrated, as it would prevent contact with the oral mucosa. As a result gentian also has an invigorating-tonic action. Associated with iron and other minerals and trace elements with restorative activities, it is used in anemia, in lymphatism, during convalescence and in the states of organic decay. In the past, a decoction was used to wash wounds and sores.

I nutraceutici

  • Bitter substances: gentiopicrin * (2%), amarogentin ** (0.05%), sverziamarina, sveroside
  • Sugars (genzionosio, gentiobiose - Bitter Sugar - Sucrose)
  • Colouring substances; pectins; essential oil (traces); alkaloids
Root infusions are used in cosmetics to lighten freckles and in the treatment of oily skin.
The roots and rhizomes are harvested in autumn between the second and fifth year, making the plant rarely available. It is used in many bitter liquors and grappas.
Eupeptic, aperitif, stomachic.
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