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Natural Ingredients

Goat's rue

Positive action on milk secretion.
The plant according to tradition demonstrates a favourable action on milk secretion, most likely improving the circulatory state of the mammary gland and hence its tropism. For this reason it falls within the formulation of herbal teas and galenicals preparations to promote milk secretion. The original name itself "galega" recalls the action of the plant: gala = milk, ago = to bring on. Goat's rue contains, especially in its seeds (0.5%), a principle, galegine, a guanidine derivative with hypoglycaemic properties. Galegine acts in the same way as synthetic guanidine derivatives and has the same side effects as diguanides but with the advantage of better tolerability. The hypoglycaemic action is, however, inconsistent, since the activity of the phytocomplex varies with the change of the chemical and pharmacological composition of the plant and its different growing periods. Goat's rue was included, in the past, among edible plants: however, there were reports of poisoning in cattle (coughing, watery eyes, breathing difficulty and death by asphyxiation).

I nutraceutici

  • Alkaloids (galegine, hydroxy galegine, galuteoline), flavonoid derivatives (flowers)
  • Saponins, tannins, chromium salts (1-5 ppm), vitamin C
Its use is therefore indicated in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Obviously it cannot replace in

In the past it was used as a diuretic, vermifuge, anticonvulsant and for external use in case of insect bites or stings.

Therapeutic use: as an adjunct in the treatment of diabetes; breastfeeding.
Goat's rue
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