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Natural Ingredients


Noteworthy laxative properties
Buckthorn possesses well-known laxative properties, which should be only occasionally exploited to solve acute episodes of constipation or for preparation for surgical interventions or diagnostic tests (colonoscopy). Buckthorn is commonly used in laxative teas, as well as standardised extracts and again purified for laxative purposes. Due to the presence of anthraquinone glycosides it should be used only in special cases, and from time to time: maximum 30 mg daily dose of glycosides.

I nutraceutici


  • Tannins, flavonoids and leucoanthocyanidin
  • Ascorbic acid and traces of essential oil Root and rhizome: Mucilage, Tannins
Purifying cure for acne. It is a particularly effective treatment, combining the cleansing propertie
The name of this plant seems to have a Latin origin, from "frangula alnus", which means to break, since its branches are very fragile and also Celtic origins, "ram" which means thorn, since the branches of buckthorn have thorns. Also commonly known as "Rhubarb of the peasants". Bark from buckthorn is used to make herbal laxative teas, while the wood was used in the past for turning and, finally, from the rind medicinal essences and dyes for the dyeing industry are obtained.
After taking buckthorn based preparations
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