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Natural Ingredients


Used in the treatment of disorders related to microcirculation.
Centella is an exotic plant with healing properties mainly used in circulatory pathologies.
This medicinal herb has proved capable of improving tropism-vascular connective tissue, restoring the hemodynamic balance over time on a micro-vascular-tissue system level.
It can be used to aid wound healing in cases of gastric ulcers and in therapies for chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs.
The plant regulates the growth of fibroblasts avoiding an excessive proliferation and consequently the formation of keloids and hypertrophic scars by increasing the quality of new synthesised collagen: on a molecular level, in fact, the trophic action is given by the triterpene fraction capacity to fix two amino acids fundamental in the collagen structure, alanirea and proline.
It is therefore useful in all the healing processes of the dermis, by virtue of the quantitative and qualitative control of the newly formed connective tissue allowing the development of soft tissues, and not hypertrophic, as well as venous insufficiency, due to its action on the vein wall.
Centella's positive action on microcirculation makes it an ally in the fight against cellulite, haemorrhoids and psoriasis.

I nutraceutici

  • Essential oil (vellarina), sterols, flavonoids, poliine
  • triterpenoid saponins: asiaticoside, Asian acid and madecassic
It is also known by the name "tiger grass" because injured wild animals wallow in its leaves to heal and soothe their wounds.
Originally from India and Madagascar it grows in moist shady places, typically along waterways or swampy ground.
Therapeutic use: venous insufficiency; wounds, ulcers, dermatitis; cellulite.
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