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Natural Ingredients


Useful in the treatment of disorders related to hypertension and stress.
Hawthorn is used in the treatment of disorders related to hypertension and stress due to its sedative and muscle relaxant properties. On a sympathetic nervous system level it provides an effective sedative action, wheres thanks to its vasodilator actions it regulates the heartbeat and blood pressure. The plant acts on the cardiovascular system, on the one hand by dilating blood vessel musculature, in particular coronary, whereby decreasing the peripheral resistance creates a hypotensive action, on the other hand by acting directly on the myocardium with positive inotropic effects. It is useful in cases of: atherosclerosis, menopausal disorders, nervous insomnia, in cases of dizziness, states of anxiety and tinnitus.

I nutraceutici

  • 2% flavonoids: hyperoside and vitexin-2-ramnoside, glycosyl flavones
  • 2-3% procyanidin oligomers (also called leucoanthocyanidin or pycnogenols)
  • Phenol carboxylic acids, triterpene acids, sterols, aminopurine
  • Essential oil (0.16%)
With the purifying and astringent action it is ideal for taking looking after facial skin using natu
The Latin name oxyacantha comes from the Greek oxys which means "tip" and akantha "thorn". Considered auspicious by the Greeks, hawthorn was used to adorn altars during weddings.
Therapeutic use: cardiac arrhythmia, coronary pathologies, cardiotonic maintenance, arterial hypertension (moderate but prolonged action), painful spasms of the digestive system, anxiety, insomnia.
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