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Natural Ingredients


With diaphoretic, diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties.
The leaf principally possesses diaphoretic and diuretic properties in addition to those of an anti-inflammatory and choleretic nature. The diuretic action of birch makes it effective in the treatment and prevention of gallstones and kidney stones. The fresh leaves are more active, and this suggests that the essential oil reinforces the diuretic action. It can be used, thanks to its diaphoretic properties, as an antipyretic. The increased perspiration not only fights fevers but also helps eliminate toxins and bacteria, promoting detoxification of the body and urinary tract. Birch is also effective in the prevention of heart, arterial hypertension and ascites, venous insufficiency and cellulite. Birch sap actually counteracts water retention and venous stagnation.

I nutraceutici

  • Flavonoids (minimum content:
  • 1.5%): hyperoside (2-3%)
  • Essential oil (1%): oxides sesquiterpenic
  • Tannins (leucoantocianidine), vitamin C (0.5% in fresh leaves), caffeic and chlorogenic acid
  • Resins, triterpene alcohols (derivatives of lupano: lupeol, betulinol, betulinic acid and dammarane)
Infusions and poultices of birch leaves are effective to disinfect and heal pimples, promoting heali
A sacred tree of the ancient Celts, the birch is found throughout the northern hemisphere and is known for its great resistant even in difficult conditions which limit the tree line.
Therapeutic use: kidney stones, kidney gravel, rheumatic disorders, gout, cellulite.
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