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Natural Ingredients


Regulator within the digestive process and an effective carminative.
Anise seeds can be considered valuable and effective regulators of digestive carminative processes. They are used in cases of dyspepsia, and the treatment of gastrointestinal bloating and spasms thanks to the stimulating action of green anise on the peristalsis, and the simultaneous antispasmodic action, justifying its therapeutic use in dyspepsia. Its pleasantly tasting preparations help to improve digestion by increasing saliva and gastric secretion. The improvement of digestive functions, together with the antispasmodic action, results in a state of well-being (absence of postprandial drowsiness, improved assimilation of nutrient principles etc.) making anise based preparations valuable in helping combat weakness accompanied by headache and brain fatigue.

I nutraceutici

  • From 1.5 to 5% of essential oil:
  • E-anethole (90-95%), estragole (1-2%), terpenes, sesquiterpenes etc.
  • Fat (15-20%) and coumarins, flavonoids
Folk medicine used anise seeds in galactogogue infusions that stimulate milk flow. These herbal teas give breast milk a pleasant taste and have a sedative-antispasmodic action even in infants.
Widespread in most of Europe, in Italy it is found mostly in Sicily, where it grows wild, and in the Tuscan-Emilian area.
Therapeutic use: dyspepsia, gastrointestinal spasms, bloating; catarrh of the airways.
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