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Effective in the treatment of dyspepsia.
Angelica is a medicinal herb useful in the treatment of dyspepsia, in particular that caused by decreased secretion of gastric juices, thanks to its antispasmodic properties and effects. In addition to these, Angelica possesses prokinetic, expectorant, aromatic and carminative properties. It is a tonic that can reawaken the appetite and facilitate digestion. It is, in fact, used as an appetite stimulant in people with a lack of appetite, so much so that in the past it was used in cases of anorexia. The antispasmodic properties are also effective in the treatment of disorders of related to nerves such as nervous insomnia, dysmenorrhea, stomach, intestine and biliary tract chronic pain.

I nutraceutici

  • Essential oil (0.3-1.5%): β-phellandrene (13-28%), α-phellandrene (2-14%), α-pinene (14-31%); β-pinene, limonene...; sesquiterpenes such as β-Bisabolene, bisabolol, β-caryophyllene ...
  • Furanocoumarin: bergaptene, kwannina (arcangelicina), peuceni 
It was a plant commonly grown around monasteries and its pleasant taste made remedies rather agreeable. It is one of the ingredients of Carmelite Water (an alcoholic extract of lemon balm and other herbs). Angelica is used in the industrial production of some liquors.
It is a Nordic plant, native to North America and central and northern regions of Europe. Although it originates from wooded areas, it rarely grows wild and nowadays it is mostly cultivated.
Therapeutic use: dyspepsia, anorexia; psychosomatic disorders; dysmenorrhea
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