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Spirulina Algae

Thanks to its properties, Spirulina Algae is a supplement suitable for everyone

Spirulina is a green-blue spiral-shaped algae and belongs to the category of cyanobacteria, microorganisms of ancient origin capable of absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

The alimentary use of Spirulina is very ancient, it seems to date back to the time of the Romans who used it to feed the African populations (Spirulina platensis).

This food does not create any problems for those suffering from thyroid disorders, although medical consultation is recommended due to possible interference with other medications being taken. Particular contraindications are those of all algae and algae overdosage in general, with side effects of vomiting, nausea, constipation and fever.
It is used in moisturising and anti-ageing face creams, as well as being excellent for skin toning, firming and nourishing of the whole body thanks to its high content of Vitamins A, B and E, which also make it very effective against acne.

In 1974, Spirulina was named "Food of the Future" at the UN World Food Conference and "Best Food of the 21st Century" by the WHO. Its high nutrient content is such that it is indispensable even for astronauts on their space missions:

Spirulina is scientifically known by the name of Arthrospira (Arthrospira platensis and Arthrospira maxima), of the Cyanophiaceae family and it grows mainly in freshwater in sub-tropical areas. It has a blue-green colour and the typical spiral shape gave it its name.

First of all, Spirulina is very useful in fighting cholesterol and helping the immune system function. Its antioxidant qualities are also well known: it is excellent, in fact, for fighting free radicals and the ageing process. It is also excellent for regularising menstrual cycles and reducing menstrual pain.

Spirulina Algae
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