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Natural Ingredients

Tea Tree

Used pure, it is an excellent antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and has balsamic, healing, expectorant, fungicidal and immunostimulant capabilities
Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil derived from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant (Tea Tree). It is a useful product both for cosmetics and healthy homes, but also as an antiseptic and antibacterial. Among the uses of tea tree oil are the ability to eradicate viruses, bacteria and fungi.

It can prevent the formation of acne, pimples and oily skin, you can pour a few diluted drops directly on the inflamed area, or mix with calendula oil to dab on the face as aftershave for sensitive skin.

It flights dandruff, lice and fleas by rubbing the pure product on the scalp or mixed with household shampoo, or by putting some on a comb before combing the hair.

The tree grows wild in Australia, particularly in the New South Wales area, close to streams and swamps

They have a rebalancing value in aromatherapy, both physically and psychically.

Other uses of Tea Tree Oil include diffusion in the air, for example against rhinitis, bronchitis, colds, fever and cough.

It is a valuable antibiotic, especially in cases of cystitis, widespread itching, vaginitis, and thrush, but also for sores, wounds, and cuts on the skin.

It can be used against mouth ulcers, stomatitis and inflammation of the oral cavity, diluted in water it is used by gargling and rinsing.

It can be an integral part of toothpaste or disinfectant products for the oral cavity, and, added to special preparations, it can combat bad odours from sweating