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Antioxidant Green Tea Plus

Antioxidant green tea combined with orange flavour is ideal for a break of wellbeing and useful to combat cellular aging.

Size: 20 sachets

Principi attivi: FlavonoidsCatechinsGreen tea
Antioxidant Green Tea Plus
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Dettagli prodotto
Faster pace of life, pollution or simply advancing age are some of the causes of cellular ageing.

L'Angelica Antioxidant PLUS Green Tea is ideal for indulging in a tasty moment of relaxation and to fight, in a natural way, the oxidative processes of the body: green tea titrated at 13% in catechins helps to protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals and to fight the cellular ageing processes; black tea is the ideal ally to fight fatigue and tiredness, for body and mind.

The pleasant flavour of Orange enriches this mix with unique flavour and intense pleasure!
Blend of Green Tea and Black Tea (Camellia sinensis Kuntze - leaves) 96%, Flavours, Orange (Citrus aurantium - peel) 1%
Valori nutrizionali
Per 100 ml of herbal tea (The herbal tea has been prepared with 1 sachet in 200 ml of water): Energy value 0.76 KJ / 0.18 Kcal, Fats 0 g of which saturated fatty acids 0 g, Carbohydrates 0 g of which sugars 0 g, Fibres 0 g, Protein 0 g, Salt 0.00 g.
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