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Natural Ingredients


Shea has emollient, nourishing, anti-wrinkle, anti-stretch-mark, anti-inflammatory, protective, elasticizing and toning properties
Shea seeds are the oily seeds of the shea plant of the same name, a tree that grows in Africa (similar to our oak) also known as the "tree of youth" for the extraordinary regenerating properties of its fruits.

I nutraceutici

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Phenolis
  • Fatty Acids
  • Allantoin
  • Phytosterols

The butter obtained from shea seeds is very rich in Vitamins A and E, so it is an excellent antioxidant, but the real peculiarity of this butter are the unsaponifiable substances it contains with very high percentages (12-18%).

These substances, indispensable for skin elasticity and tone, intervene in the production process of collagen and elastin fibres, precious for the beauty of the skin.

In the trichological field it is used to produce shampoos and conditioners that fight dry and damaged hair.

Shea (vitellaria paradoxa) is a tree that grows wild in Central Africa, between Senegal, Sudan and Gambia

Shea Butter has emollient, nourishing, anti-wrinkle, anti-stretch, anti-inflammatory, protective, elasticising and toning properties.

It is recommended for pregnant women to prevent stretch marks and during breast-feeding against rhagades.

Creams made with Shea Butter are perfect for chapped skin or simply as a nourishing product and are also suitable for skin with couperose. Creams made with Shea Butter are also protective against cold, wind and sun

Shea is a highly value product in the world of athletics and of those who are dedicated to movement: it has beneficial effects on muscle mass, it accelerates warming up and facilitates recovery by stimulating the elimination of toxins